Startup Showdown Investment Terms

Startup Showdown Deal Explained

We invest in the winners of Startup Showdown through a standard deal where we invest $120,000 in exchange for 7% of your company. The investment has two parts: a common stock portion and a post-money Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE). Below we provide more details about these two parts.

Here is how it breaks down –

Startup Showdown Common Stock Investment: We invest $20k in return for 6% common stock in your company. We believe this is the right approach to align incentives between the founders and us (“the investors”). We want to have skin in the game alongside you and while most other investors take preferred shares in exchange for their investment, we would like to be your equals as common stockholders. This means that we won’t get paid until you, the founders do, and we like that about this structure.

Startup Showdown SAFE Investment: In addition, we invest $100k in return for 1% of your company using a post-money SAFE which will convert into preferred shares when you raise your next equity round (usually a seed or a Series A). We believe this approach sets you up nicely for your next round of fundraising. The valuation cap of $10M gives you an anchor point for future fundraising conversations.

The BIP Ventures Advantage: In addition to the investment, the winners of Startup Showdown get access to a wide variety of resources and opportunities as a full fledged member of BIP Ventures’ portfolio. 

BIP Performance Engineering Platform:

We have a dedicated acceleration team in-house to help our founders navigate the myriad challenges and hurdles that young startups need to overcome to succeed. This includes (but is not limited to) hiring, strategy and GTM, founder coaching, introductions to customers and partners, and fundraising and storytelling. We are long term partners and we still support our portfolio companies both strategically and tactically throughout the life of the company.

Community Beyond Startup Showdown Day:

Startup Showdown culminates in a live, global broadcast that is attended by hundreds of executives, investors, and potential employees and participating helps you get broad exposure across these potential partners. After Startup Showdown, BIP Ventures will regularly facilitate high-value connections with other investors, potential customers, talented employees, and valuable channel partners.

BIP Perks:

Each Startup Showdown winner receives access to discounts for over one hundred products. Many of these have meaningfully saved our portfolio companies hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Potential Follow On Funding at Seed and Series A

We strongly consider leading or participating in subsequent fundraising rounds to continue supporting our companies. In this process, we will also work closely with you to build your deck and your narrative, introduce you to other investors, and even help negotiate and evaluate offers.

We are known for going above and beyond for our portfolio companies. We look forward to meeting you.


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